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Sylphs are a healing class, using their aspect to passively heal their team. Mind is about decisions, logic, consequences and the mind itself. The Sylph of Mind will fix broken trains of thought, fix bad decisions and set everyone on her team’s minds at rest, a valuable team member for a team who is logically based. They could cure mental illnesses and keep everyone happy.


Sylphs have to learn to find their inner strength and power and put it to use in healing. Many Sylphs have a feeling that they have that strength and power but don’t know what it is, how to get to it or how to use it. Some don’t even realize it’s there. Mind players have a problem with intellect, either they are too smart or not smart enough. Those who are too smart need to come down to a level where the rest of us can understand, and those who aren’t smart enough need to realize they are intellectual and use their think pans.

I don't really need stamps, so yeah.

Gender: Agenderflux
Sexual Orientation: Aceflux, Noma
Romantic Orientation: Aroflux, Noma
(Noma basically means attracted to Nonbinary individuals and Women)

Agenderflux Ace/Aroflux, Noma- Polyplatonic Combo by Pride-Flags

I'll get new stamps eventually.

Welcome to My Page! (FAQ and Rules)

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 6, 2016, 7:54 PM
Art and CSS Yuminn

Hiya! This'll be on my front page always, so if you're ever worried about something, just look here or ask me personally! 

Now, before we begin, I must ask of you: DO NOT SEND ME LLAMAS, PLEASE!!! It's really upsetting when you see a message in your inbox, and it turns out to be a llama. If I sent you a llama, feel free to give me one, but otherwise, I really don't appreciate it.

Now we can begin!

Username: Starscreamfan2244 I chose this name because I only went on DeviantArt so I could look at Transformers pictures. Of course, I couldn't look at mature pictures without an account, and at the time, I was interested in seeing them. Also, because Starscream is clearly the best Decepticon.

Gender: Demigender/Demigirl For those of you that do not know this gender, it's simply where, at times, you feel female, but most of the time, you feel agender or another gender. No, I do not use special pronouns. She/Her or They/Them is fine, BUT I personally don't care what you call me because being misgendered FOR ME isn't the end of the world. It isn't erasing MY identity. 

Orientation: I am a Lesbian (Or at least, I prefer girls. TECHNICALLY, I am not a girl...) and I am Grey-Aromantic. It means I can SOMETIMES feel romantic feelings, but mostly, I don't.

Relationship Status: I am currently in a QPP (QueerPlatonic Relationship (QuasiPlatonic for those who are offended by Queer. I understand, it WAS a slur.) with the most amazing person in the world. They have left deviantArt, though, so it's not worth linking them.

Religion: Haha, nope! I am 100% Athiest. No, I don't hate you if you're Christian, I just do not like your views. As long as you do not bring them up, there won't be an issue.

Location: Wilmington, NC, USA. Won't tell you my address, school, or anything else. I don't want stalkers, killers, or rapists coming after me. Not that I am accusing anyone of that, but when you're on the internet, you never know.

Mental Disorders: First of all, I do not believe in Self Diagnoses. I believe in researching and then asking your therapist or doctor. What I have actually been diagnosed with is: An Anxiety Disorder, a Depression Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Attention Deficit Disorder. I do suspect that I may have other issues, but I'm not old enough to be diagnosed with them. I don't know if I have them, but I can keep researching just in case. 

1. If you do not agree with what I have said or done, please send me a note. I will either defend myself, or I will see the error of my ways IF and only IF I have done something ACTUALLY morally wrong.
2. Once again, do not send me Llamas, please. Favorite all you want, but do not send llamas. To get this out of the way as well, please do not thank me for Favs or Llamas. If I faved your work, it means I liked it. You're welcome, okay?
3. I am always open for debate about ANYTHING. Please note me if you are up for it. I won't say my views will change, but if it really bothers you that much, go ahead.
4. PLEASE, for the love of God, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE FOLDER OLD GROSS DUMB IN MY GALLERY! IT'S CALLED THAT FOR A REASON, YOU KNOW! (It has all my dumb noob art in it. If you want your eyes to bleed, go for it.
5. I am an Author, not an Artist. Please do not request ART of your character, because I just CANNOT make visual art.
6. On the subject of Requests, yes, I'm always open for Writing or Stamp requests. 
7. Also, on that topic, please use "Please" and "Thank You" in your request. Like, it's okay if it's not there BUT if it sounds like you are DEMANDING it to be done, I will refuse, and might not even respond to you.
8. If you want to request something, either comment on this journal, comment on my page, or send me a note!
9. If you want to request something, but don't know if I'll be comfortable with it, just ask me. I may refuse you, but then again, I just might accept if I don't think it's that bad.
10.  Refrain from bringing up old drama in my comment section. If you want to talk about it, please go to my notes.


Q: I am a Christian/Part of a Religion/Male/Cisgendered/Straight/White Person. Do you hate me?
A: Hell No! I know many people who are those things (I'm White Myself) and they are rad as hecky!

Q: You're a Feminist?! You must hate men!
A: Er, no??? Didn't I just answer that? Well, bro pal, lemme tell ya, I think men are rad, okay? I have a lot of Male Characters and I know a lot of Male people. I do not want Women to be Tyrants. I just want equality, broseph.

Q: How do you feel about Furries/Bronies?
A: Well, I will say that in my younger days, I wasn't as informed as I am now, and I was under the same misconceptions as other people. The average furry/brony does not constantly look at porn and have weird fetishes, it seems. The average furry/brony is not a sick manchild who can't get in touch with reality. I don't give a fuck about Bronies/Furries, let them do what they want. 

Q: Are you a Otherkin?
A: Perhaps my name on here confused you, or perhaps you came upon me roleplaying, but I am not a Otherkin. In fact, I am against Otherkin. I will not call them out, or mess with them, I just do not agree with them personally. I don't hate you if you're otherkin, I just do not agree with that lifestyle.

Q: What's with the made up gender?
A: All genders are made up, and you know it. And there have always been genders outside of Male/Female, just look at other cultures!

Q: Can we be friends?
A: Dudebro, let's be fucking friends!!!

Q: Perhaps we could be...more than friends?
A: Dudebro, let's be best friends!!! (That's more than friends, right?)

Q: I was asking about a romantic/sexual relationship.
A: Ah, well, only if I know you well, and even then, we'll be QPPs. (You CAN have Multiple QPPs, just so you know.)

Q: What fandoms are you in? What shows do you like? Music? Comics? YouTubers?
A: Fandoms I Have Been In: Transformers, Harry Potter, Hetalia, Pokemon, Speed Racer, YuGiOh, Homestuck, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Pretty Cure. I am currently in all but one of those fandoms. (That fandom being Hetalia. I am super uncomfortable with Hetalia nowadays, and especially the fans. I don't mind if you talk to me about Hetalia, or try to get me back into, but don't expect me to care very much.) For shows: I like Steven Universe, Teen Titans, Most MGM Cartoons, Scooby Doo, Transformers (All of them), Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, InuYasha, and many more. For Music: I fucking love the 80s, as well as the 60s and 70s. For anything specific, Ozzy, The Beatles, The Eagles, The Scorpions, White Snake, The Bee Gees, and so much more. I very much dislike today's music. No, I do not feel special for liking older music. For YouTubers: GAME GRUMPS, Markiplier, KyoKoon64, and probably a bunch of people I don't remember.

Q: Any Kinks/Fetishes?
A: Oh shit, man, are you in luck! Well, I like SEXUAL Spanking, BDSM, Humiliation (Certain Kinds), Maids, and probably some other stuff that falls into those categories. 

Q: Any OCs?
A: Tons. Most of them are secret, though, since they're for a comic me and my friend are writing.

Well, that's all I can think of. If you have any other questions, just ask. I may even put them on the list.


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2ollux Captor
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
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